Saturday, May 15, 2021

may 14-16, 2021 Eugene, Oregon

 79 and sunny.

We went hiking at Doris Ranch with Leslie and Scott. It was gloriously green. White flowers, wild iris and larkspur.

Leslie dancing in the Larkspur. Cat's ear, blue dick, wild rose and hemlock.

Filbert orchard at Doris Ranch. White flowers, cranes bill and bleeding hearts.

Obelisk in the woods, white flower, mural in Springfield and blue camas. John, Scott and Leslie in a meadow with poppies. 

Calla lilies and clematis is Scott and Leslie's yard and blue camas. I finished this basket. It is 8 x 8 x 2 inches. The center is a stone my friend Pam set in resin. It is made with natural and dyed pine needles, glass seed beads and black locust seeds. 

Leslie and Scott cooked us a yummy dinner in the backyard. It is always good to see them. Leslie got a new paddle board and wanted to try it out. John and Leslie paddling at Dorena Reservoir.

My boat paddling to shore. John came looing for me. 

John and Leslie in the smoother water. Leslie doing yoga on her board. 

John BBQ'ed shrimp for dinner for Leslie, Scott and I tonight. It was yummy. I started a new masterpiece today. 

Sunset tonight from Oregon Motor Coach. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

May 11-12, 2021 Roseburg to Eugene , Oregon

 70's and sunny,

We drove to another harvest host winery, Henry's Estate. Here is the bus parked in the vineyard for the night. Karen served us our wine tasting. 

The vineyard dog 'Boss'. Roses and lavender in the gardens. We did our tasting out on this lovely porch. 

John and I tasting. Three rhododendrons and white dogwood. 

It is full on spring here. Columbines, baby grapes and  horse tail grass. White flowers in the lawn, red tipped grass in the vineyard, two more rhododendrons. 

I made yaki-tori for dinner, John grilled it for me since I always overcook chicken on the grill. We had dinner in the vineyard, because we could. 

Progress on the latest masterpiece. Sunset in the vineyard.

79 and sunny, We made it to Oregon Motor Coach with no more mishaps. Tomorrow they start the work on the bus. The place is packed,  18 motor coaches, plus more inside the bays. They have electrical hookups so we are plugged in. We can stay in the bus, we just have to be gone during the day when they work on it. Got this far on the basket today while driving. It is not going to be much bigger. It is 8 x 8 x 2 inches now. 

Dinner tonight on the patio in back of the office at Oregon Motor Coach. Saw this great tag on the back of a motor home. In the beginning it was a tent. That sure is how I started out. 

Rhododendrons in front of the office. Sunset tonight. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

May 9-10, 2021 Dunsmuir, California to Jacksonville, Oregon

 80 and sunny. 

Shasta Lake is very, very low. California is in a bad drought. Mt Shasta on the horizon. 

This basket is almost done. Still need to add beads to the center. The bus at Railroad park in Dunsmuir, California. Lovely spot in a forest. Our site is right next to the river. 

Railroad park also rents caboose motel rooms, there is a dining room in a dining car. The river near our campsite. 

Beautiful historic downtown Dunsmuir.  We met our friends Phil and Andrea for dinner at the Dunsmuir  Brewery works. We met them years ago when we camped next to each other in Mississippi. They have a cabin outside of Weed, California. Great to see them again. 

John, Sue, Phil and Andrea at the Dunsmuir brewery works. A map of the State of Jefferson Beer  Bear trail. Red arrow for the brewery we are at. Shark rock in the campground, chock cherry bushes and iris in the campground. 

Mt Shasta. Beautiful historic downtown Jacksonville, Oregon. 

We are parked at a harvest host , Valley View Winery. Nicole served us our wine tasting. All the wines are very good. We got away with only 3  bottles. The bus in the vineyards. 

I finished this cute basket. And started this new one. 

It is early in the year, the vines are still a beautiful spring green. Oregon Welcomes you. I always forget how beautiful and green Oregon is. fox tail grass, Valley View Winery, fruit tree blossoms that perfumed the air, Chamomile, little tiny baby grapes.

We had our dinner on the winery's veranda under huge oak trees. A view of the vineyard and processing facility at sunset.