Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July 13-16, 2019 Fort Collins,Colorado

90's and mostly sunny. And mostly hot.

Went biking at sunset. It was lovely. I made these sea turtles so go on the wave plate I already fused. It is now in the kiln firing. 

I drove down to Denver to the meeting of the Glass Artists of Colorado. Ed Schmid a very well known glass sculptor did a demo for us. He is in town teaching a glass sculpting class. He took a drawing one of our members did and made it out of glass before our eyes. 

Adding one of the eye stalks and warming it back up while working on it.  

Finishing up the eyes, with Mike holding it.  It was a fabulous demo. It was also good to see everyone. Meanwhile back at my studio the turtles are fused to the waves. I painted a bit of gold on them and they are back in the kiln slumping into a mold now.  

When I got back John served dinner on the deck and we ate and watched sunset with lightning. The turtles are now a bowl.

Small rainbow and the path around McMurry pond.  

Milkweeds along lake and the first part of sunset.  

Gaillardia,  purple flowers and milkweed. Sunset cloud. 

The turtle and mermaid will go on this waves piece when I am not so tired.  I went to Denver again today for the last of my 5 Dr appointments. I am healthy and done for the year with those. this is downtown Denver from the top of the Kaiser building. An afternoon rainstorm is rolling of the mountains. I also had time to stop at the wholesale glass store and buy too much dichroic glass- you can never have too much, right??

Presunset on my bike ride.  Presunset on my bike ride.  
And sunset.

Friday, July 12, 2019

July 7-12, 2019 Fort Collins-Denver, Colorado

I went biking at dusk today. The bike path and river are closed where they are working on the new play park in the river. I went onto the College Ave bridge to check it out. It is looking nice. The foot bridge, drops and landscaping, rocks etc are all new. It looks lovely, but I wish they would open the bike path, I hate having to detour along the streets, but looks like they are redoing the bike path and it is dirt right now. We had dinner at John and Mandy's house. John G smoked yummy ribs for dinner. Many made coleslaw and potato salad, I made a green salad. Mandy made wonderful chocolate/ tofu mousse with raspberries. John G, John M, Anne and Mandy.

One of the glass displays in our house. I sold the Aspen piece at the bottom. I really like it and the light looks really good through it. I will have to make another for that spot. John has been experimenting with different waffles for dinner. The other night he made vegetables and  brown rice waffles. Tonight and pictured here are waffles made from purple sweet potato topped with meat loaf. Yum! 

Sunset tonight over McMurray ponds and sunset over the feed store. Wild looking cloud.  

This is currently firing in my kiln as I type. The top left will be a basket bottom. The other two wavey pieces will have sea turtles and mermaids swimming around when they are done. After firing the pieces are on top of the molds they will be slumped into. After I add the turtles to the blue one. The shadows in the mold make it look like there are more lines than there are. The green on will get a turtle and mermaid. 

John is outdoing himself getting me birthday season presents. This time is it a new toilet seat that slowly lowers the seat! Sunset on McMurry pond on my bike ride. 

Flowers from my bike ride. This Mexican hat has some red in it, blanket flower and some yellow cone flowers. Sunset over a lovely farm. 

I am in Denver staying at my friend Katy's house. Her garden looks fantastic. We went to the Arvada center to listen to the Denver symphony playing Mozart under the stars. It was wonderful. 

We sat in the grass to watch the show. Katy and Terri during intermission. At the very end of the concert it started to rain. No enough to make everyone leave tho. We had a great time. 

John took me out to dinner tonight. Being Friday at dinner time we walked to Stuff it and had burgers and the best parmesan garlic fries. The womans had this great sign at the door, John was disappointed that the mens just had a plain handicapped men/women sign. I got a coupon for a free ice cream sundae at Ben and Jerry's from State Farm for my birthday. So here it is, we split it.  
There was even a free concert in the Old Town Square, sponsored by Ben and Jerry's. I think it was for my birthdays season.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

July 2-6, 2019 Fort Collins, Colorado

92 degrees and partly sunny.

The young men who live next door are out of town for the 4th. I am watching their chickens. They love me, when I get near the hen house they all rush over to see me. I also collect the eggs.  John coming up the stairs from BBQing dinner.  

The presentation is wonderful. Love the BBQ'd onion blossom, sweet potato and pepper steak. John's beer in the sunset as we enjoy dinner on our deck. 

We rode the bus to City Park for the fireworks last night. A photo of the crowds at the food trucks. We walked over the Dave and Claire's house, they live on the park and visited. It poured rain while we were there. They have only been home for 3 days, been busy boating and traveling. It was fun to see them. 

Sunset clouds after the storm. 

Sunset and John and I in front of our very wet chairs. We sat wet and soggy and cold and listened to the Fort Collins Symphony play patriotic songs and watched the fireworks. 

We were seated behind a tree, but could see the fireworks though it just fine. The camera tho saw the tree and made for interesting photos. Some flowers and a deer from along the bike path.

Sunset and the sliver moon through the clouds. 

We walked to Old Town square. They had a free concert on the stage and it was first Friday. John wanted to get free cookies at the galleries, but we didn't get there till 9pm and that is when the concert was over and the galleries closed up. We did see this lady in costume, not sure what she represented but she also closed down at 9pm. Oh well. We got back just in time before this huge storm rolled through. Hail up to 3/4 inches. I got a tarp over the vegetable garden just in time. 

The garden survived the storm ok. The tomatoes have blooms now and the basil gets really bruised when it hails on it. So far so good. John got for my birthday season 3 loads of mulch and has been mulching the garden. The south side of the house is done. What a sweetheart, thanks dear! i decided to rehab it a bit since we haven't in years. 

The front garden. John has mulched the left side so far, A stream entering the Poudre river on the bike path. I like to ride in the evening because the light is so pretty.

Wild shasta daisies along the bike path. Nice light on the river on the bike path.

Light through the trees on the bike path. A trout on one of the bridges over the river.

The front garden as I biked home.My rehabbing og the garden has mostly been digging and cutting back plants that have overgrown. I planted some new ones too, but all these blooms are on the existing plants. Sunset started like this.
Then sunset morphed into this.