Monday, December 11, 2017

December 10-11, 2017 Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We made it to South Carolina today and are camped at Myrtle Beach State Park. We took a walk on the beach at the park. 50's and sunny. A nice change from the last couple days. 

Horseback riders on the beach. John under the pier with an ice cream cone.

Seagulls and sunset on the fishing pier.

I couldn't decide which sunset pier photo to use, so I used both.Not bad considering I took about 50. A bald eagle flying around over the ocean. He caught a fish a few minutes later.

Sunset turned the water wonderful colors.  An egret hoping for a handout on the fishing pier, the bald eagle, sea shells on the beach and the bald eagle catching a fish.

Shark Fishing prohibited on the pier, cigarette butts make me crabby, and Santa's sleigh beach style.

Today was in the 50's and sunny. We spent most of the day shopping at Costco and Food Lion. I walked on the beach when we got back. Sunset from the pier, people fishing on the pier.

Sunset walking back. There were not as many birds tonight. A willet in the surf, a sanderling and a posing sea gull. We are staying at Myrtle Beach State Park. This sign about bald eagles is on the pier. It says you see them in the warmer months, but I saw on yesterday. Maybe this is a warmer month?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

December 5-9, 2017 Cedar Point, North Carolina

We woke up this am to rain-top photo. We drove 40 miles to the other side of the Croatan national forest and are now camped at Cedar Point. 

This afternoon the sun came back out and it was 70. Very humid after the rain. John walking on the boardwalk over the salt marsh to photograph the sunset. 

There is about 2 miles of boardwalk and trail around the salt marsh. Sunset over the marsh. 

I worked on the masterpiece some more, got most of the yellow stitching around the white beads. Rained most of the day. We got out between storms and did a 3 mile hike. We are close to the Camp Lejeune Marine air station here, they blow things up all day long. Some are so loud that the bus vibrates. Guess it is good to know that if they need to defend us they will be good shots. 

A great egret in the salt marsh on our hike today. Another cool rainy day. John installed my pockets I made yesterday by my chair so I have more room for things.

The basket is coming along. It is about 11 inches by 1 inch.  It is still raining, windy and in the 40's. We don't have much motivation to go outside. John wanted to go out this afternoon so we decided it might be fun to drive out to and along the barrier islands and see what is there. 

Being in the 40's, windy and raining we didn't even want to get out of the car at the beach. The islands are about wide enough for three streets, they had mostly three rows of vacation beach houses, with a few beach souvenir stores, seafood restaurants, real estate agents in between. So on the way back we stopped at the specialty beer store-Harrika's Brew Haus and John got some fancy craft beers. He wanted this T-shirt, but already has more T shirts than will fit in the closet. He did get some of this Evil Twin, I always felt closer to IPA'S than I did to people beers. It is supposed to rain all day tomorrow too. . .

The basket is another inch taller and I am sewing some beads on it. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

December 3-4, 2017 New Bern, North Carolina

Started out cloudy today. We decided to take the historic Trolley tour of New Bern today. Then the sun came out, mid 60's and lovely.

We were the only people who showed up so we got a private tour. It was interesting, but more details than we would ever remember. John with Alice our tour guide at the Cedar Cemetery.  We are in the oldest section. The trolley is on the other side of the arch. The arch is made out of rock that is made out of compacted shells from when this area was a seabed. It absorbs water when it rains. There is a story that if the arch rains on you when you come through it you will be the next person to die. I love the spanish moss. 

Beautiful old headstones.  Town is full of cool older buildings. These are two of the huge ornate historic  houses we saw. Don't remember what kind they are.

A couple more. The green one is a 4 square-it has 4 rooms up stairs and 4 rooms downstairs.  Don't know the others. 

Yellow fall ginkgo leaves in front of another. After the bus tour we toured the gardens at Tryon Palace. The hedges are made of yaupon holly which is a native evergreen shrub here. I am sure the garden looks much better when things are blooming, but it was pretty cool now.

Another shot of the hedges and the fountain and a gazebo in another part of the garden.

Sweet smelling flowers, maybe citrus, yaupon holly berries, rosemary blossom, some kind of fruit tree blossoms. They were trained into a grape vine kind of shape in the kitchen garden. The trolley for our tour. These other hedges are in a garden across the street. 

The front and back of Tryon Palace. It was originally built in 1770 by Governor Tryon. He was one of the British rulers before the revolution. It later became the capital of North Carolina before it moved to Raleigh. It burned down in 1778. It was rebuilt from 1952-59 from the original blueprints on the original site. They had to move 50 houses, I-70 and the bridge over the Trent River to build there. Some doorways and gates from Tryon Palace. The yellow over the fence is from a church yard in town.

We were going to move on to another area today but decided since it was 65 and sunny today and supposed to rain the rest of the week that we would spend another day here and play outside. We boated  Upper Broad Creek today-a lovely black water cypress swamp. This cypress tree still has some of it's fall needles, most of them have now dropped theirs.  We stopped at the Latham/Whitehurst state park on the way for a stroll on their boardwalk. The hardwood forest there still has most of their fall leaves. 

The day and colors were phenomenal. 

More fall colors. 

My photos are probably getting a bit boring since they are all the same swampy photos, but I just love the colors. John paddling under a red tree.

I was getting into the reflections in John's wake. This black water saturates the colors and looks so good. 

The boardwalk at Latham/Whitehurst park, poison ivy growing on a stump in the middle of the river, ferns on a log we had to duck under and seed pods.