Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 16-17, 2017, Riverton, Wyoming

Two metal sculptures at the RV park in Rawlins last night at sunset. On the road to Riverton today. This is Sand Wash Road south of Riverton. Lots of wide open country.

We arrived at the 1838 Rendezvous site for the Eclipse event early today.  We are sharing a campsite with Pam and Ralph, a little crowded, but we have shade. This whole area will be packed this weekend. We are near the pond too.

Teepee's set up for the Eclipse event.  Part of our drive today went by the Oregon Trail and the Morman trail through Wyo.  In Riverton Reed's Hide and Metal, seems like an odd combination.

We went to Lander, Wyoming to sightsee. Downtown Lander and the cliffs over the Popo Agie river. 

In Sinks Canyon State park the river runs downhill and disappears into this cavern.

 And reappears 1/4 mile downstream in this lake filled with huge trout in what they call the Rise. Very interesting. Two pieces of eclipse art, an eclipse 2017 t-shirt, says Welcome to the dark side, a sunflower, a gumweed flower and it's sticky bud.

After Sinks Canyon we stopped at the Cowfish Brewery to taste the brews. some of the artwork from the brewery. Then stopped at this Indian art gallery/store. John with a buffalo out front and a Teepee. 

Inside the Indian Art Gallery are some amazing beaded pieces among other things a beaded  whole horse rigging, and a case of beaded moccasins. Amazing art work. Then we went back to Riverton, the Rendezvous City.

I dropped John off and went to these two museums in Riverton. The top photo is from the Wind River Heritage Center. There was a huge display of mounted local animals,an extensive collection of traps-including this man trap and 50 period-dressed wax figures of  notable westerners. I took a tour and all was explained to me. Very interesting.  The bottom photo is from the Riverton Museum which interprets the story of 20th century homesteaders who brought the town to life in 1906. It is housed in a historic church. I especially liked the double headed calf with an extra leg in the tail area. 

Sunset over the lake at the Rendezvous site tonight. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

August 12-15, 2017 Saratoga to Rawlins, Wyoming

Well I got into Saratoga and my fancy new smart phone did not work. After a huge amount of hassle and 2 hours + on the phone with verizon we got it straightened out. I feared I was not smart enough for the smart phone, I had a flip phone till last week. But it was a problem with the plan the salesman sold me, it was cheaper, but did not have as good of coverage- like roaming. Took another hour to set my phone back up. Spent most of the day on that. I am  not good with new technology. But it is fixed and makes phone calls now.

This lion is on the frozen foods in the grocery store in Saratoga. Mounted animals all over town, there is an excellent taxidermist here, but a lion in the grocery store is  surprising. I kayaked on the lake again this evening. I scared up these gulls on the swim beach across the lake.

Sunset was not a brilliant as last night, but still very pretty. I love being on the lake at dusk. Smooth water, great light.

Sightseeing today we saw the old log cabin and historic pavilion at the Saratoga Museum, brook trout at the fish hatchery and this Please do not bath in the horse trough downtown. Riding on my bike today on this smooth dirt road around the lake and above, perfect mid 70's, light breeze, clear fresh air, long vistas was great and no people.

Beautiful light and flowers at the lake on my bike ride back.

Saw this Wazat for sale at the campground. I wonder if it includes all the gear? Sunset on the lake from my boat. It was not as smooth tonight, but still pretty.

Made some cinnamon roll bread today. Used frozen whole wheat bread dough. It made way too many big bubbles, but tastes great. I have also been working on some smaller baskets for the show this weekend. 

The wind did not die down till almost dusk, so I got out on the lake then, paddled around in the twilight and dark. Saw lots of wildlife and a thunderstorm down south, saw the lightening, but did not hear any thunder. And bats. Lots of fun.

 We drove to Rawlins, Wyoming today to stock up before heading to Riverton for the eclipse. We toured the Wyoming Frontier Prison. It operated from 1901 to 1981. It was pretty grim and cold. John and Emily our tour guide in cell block A.

John tried to lock me up there, but I escaped. He is viewing the gas chamber. I did not go in so he could lock me in there. 

While we were in the prison a huge thunder storm rolled through with some marble sized hail. I had left the windows open on the bus, but only the couch and John's side of the bed got a little wet. This cool house is a B and B now. 

The bus at the Western Hills RV park. All three of the parks here look like this, mostly gravel and no trees and right off the highway. During the afternoon the wind blew 25 mph with 30 mph gusts and it was cold. Here is a Wyo wind sock, the strength of the wind is determined by the angle of the chain. Blowing pretty hard here. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

August 10-11, 2017 Laramie to Saratoga, Wyoming

Heading west out of Laramie into the wide open spaces. We passed through Centennial, Wyo, elevation 8,076, population 270. They have this old police car sitting at the edge of town. John remembers it from over 20 years ago.

We were on the Snowy Range Scenic Byway. Very scenic. This is the view at Snowy Range Pass, elevation 10,847. And the scenic viewing point.

These are at Mirror Lake in the Snowys.

Some of the wildflowers at Mirror lake. We are now camped at Saratoga Lake, just north of Saratoga, Wyo. Very nice spot, electric hook ups and only $15 a night. 

Sunset over the lake. The sun was bigger than I have ever seen it above the horizon and red. The moon rise tonight was pretty spectacular too. Sorry no photos. We went to the free Saratoga hot spring pools after dark. Very nice. 
 We went to the free Saratoga hot spring pools after dark. Very nice.  Beautiful historic downtown Saratoga, Wyoming 

We had a bit of trouble eating dinner tonight. The table cloth kept blowing up. Oh yeah, we are in Wyoming. . . I went biking around the lake after dinner. This is the view of the campground from the other side of the lake.

 I saw two herds of antelope and this lovely cloud view.

A pelican taking off on the lake. When I got back the lake was mirror smooth, so I put my kayak on. Botht the sky and the lake turned pink.  My favorite time to paddle lakes. Saw this looming cloud over the lake.

Sunset from my boat on the lake. Two pelicans, one swimming by and the other taking off. Raindrops on the lake at sunset from the boat.

Seen around town in Saratoga today. Eclipse wine, the outhouse gift shop and Wyoming hair- must be wind blown. This giant grizzly bear is in the grocery store. If I stood next to it my head might make it almost it's armpit. There were mounted animals all over town. In this cool sports and taxidermy shop I found butt heads for sale, $200 ea and this huge bear skin was sold, but not the mountain lion.