Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 14-22,2017 Fort Collins, Colorado

I had lunch with a group of old coworkers - old job, we are not old. Kay, Carol, Nancy and I. It was fun to see them. Horses on the bike trail next to the river in Fort Collins.

Sunset. The top part of the masterpiece photo is a stencil I got got from a class I took at the glass expo in Vegas last month. I sandblasted it  on to a piece of blue mirror glass. The middle photo is it without light behind it and the bottom one is it with light behind it.

I now have two turkey roasters and am boiling pine needles in glycerin in them. Hoping to get a years worth of needles done so I don't have to mess with it on the road. The top one in this masterpiece photo is a plate I made last year. It sold to a friend. She saw another one I made with some columbines in it and asked for a remake. The remake so far.

My brother Jerry came up and took us out to dinner, early for my birthday and almost on time for our anniversary. The restaurant gave me some green tea ice cream for my birthday, some of it is on Jerry's plate. Sunset on the way home in Old Town Fort Collins.

Some sights from my evening bike ride. A huge bull snake, grass seed heads and reflections in the gravel pit lake.

Seed heads and a deer on the bike path.
The columbine piece before it's first firing, then after it's first firing on a mold to slump before the second firing. I am leading the blue sandblasted piece. 

A guitar sculpture on old town square. Sunset this evening. 

Two more shots along the bike path along the river. 

Mandy purchased both of these pieces. She bought the left one last year, but wanted me to make one with columbines and trade. So I made the columbine one this year and when she saw both she decided to buy both.

Grass, milkweed blossom with a swallow tail on it, birds on the wire in the sunset and the finished columbine piece. Sunset from our deck.

The future site of the Fort Collins water park on the Poudre River.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 4-13, 2017 Fort Collins/Denver, Colorado

Back at the sticks and bricks house. We left the  bus off for routine maintenance in Denver.

The basket so far in place where it will be when it is done.  I will be working on glass now that I am in Fort Collins, so not sure when I will finish this.  John and I went out to the Chocolate Cafe to celebrate our anniversary.  Chocolate martini and ultimate chocolate cake-to die for.

Back in Fort Collins, no smoking in old town, even marijuana, cotton wood cotton is so thick on the bike path it looks like snow. I got another turkey roaster at Good will and am boiling pine needles in glycerin. I hope to do a year's worth of needles here since I am not taking the turkey roaster on the bus. I think they will dry better here than the last batch I did in Oregon. Sunset from the house.

I made a few jewels, I mounted up the jewels I made in the class in Las Vegas and fused some of the new dichro I bought in Vegas. Roses my sweet hubby gave me for our anniversary.
Sunset. We walked down to old town and there was a free Thursday night concert. The Blue Canyon band.

Drying needles. At least they dry here unlike in Oregon where the humidity was so high they never did. John made a scrumptious dinner for Larry, Clare and Dave. Larry is visiting from Salt Lake to boat on the Poudre with John. I am too wimpy to boat at this high water level even if I could keep up with them.
The Glass Artists of Colorado June Picnic in Denver at Karol's house. The lower part of the photo are part of Karol's fence she made with bottles. She has lots of cool glass inside, but I didn't get any good photos of it. I walked around my old neighborhood in Denver. This is sunset over a family of ducks on Berkeley Lake which is a half block from my old house.

Sunset reflections on the lake. I went by my old house. The new owners took down the picket fence. It looks a little naked to me now.

There was a huge hail storm a few weeks ago. Lots of new roofs and windows. The neighbors picket fence and another neighbors vinyl siding didn't do well. Looks like the skylights in my old house are broken too. This is a photo of downtown Denver from the Kaiser Franklin building. I think I take the same photo each time I go, it is such a great view. I visited all my drs, got my yearly tests done, even the dentist and I am still healthy. Must be the good living.

After my last appointment at Kaiser my car would not start. I called AAA and this gentleman came right out and installed a new battery on the spot for a very reasonable price. He would have just jumped it for free, but then I would have had to find somewhere to get the battery charged up and he recommended replacing the battery soon anyway, it has been dying a lot. So I just had him do it. AAA has been worth every penny I pay for it. I took another walk around Berkeley lake this evening. I used to live half a block from it and I always loved the evening light here.
There a tons of these red winged blackbirds around the lake. They used to come to my bird bath in the backyard.  Sunset this evening. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

June 1-3, 2017 Carbondale, Colorado

Martha and I took a bike ride up Crystal Creek. At the end of trail were these marble sculptures and the beef sign. Jeff arriving at Jimjim’s retirement party at the Beer Works. Jeff is by his bike behind the hops plant.
Jimjim with his smokey hat he got at his retirement. Jimjim and  Martha.

Jimjim waving goodbye to his coworkers. Dancing at the retirement part to Emotional Rescue a Rolling Stones tribute band. 

We had a huge thunderstorm this afternoon with hail.  Our bus in front of Martha and Jimjim's house. Jeff's van Barley that he lives in and John and Mandy's A-liner (that they don't live in) in the driveway. You can't even see the house!

John spent the day smoking ribs for dinner. Mike, Jeff, Suep, Jay, Gigi, Lynn, John M, John G, Mandy and Jimjim. 
The current basket I am making for a corner in our bathroom. Mandy and I went to the John Denver Sanctuary garden. Here are a few of the songs and verses engraved into the rocks. 

Martha surfing on the Roaring Fork River and some red rocks in the Roaring Fork.

Jimjim and John G coming into the take out.
Martha and John coming in too.
Progress on the basket.