Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017 Valley of Fire, Nevada

We took the scenic White Domes drive at Valley of Fire, it really is a lovely park, so many colors. Pencil cholla blooms, prickly pear blooms, yellow flowers and red rocks seen through the rest room window.

It was hot- mid 80’s but hotter in the canyons. We went on a short hike on the White Domes Trail. Very scenic. Lots of colors in the rocks.
John on a nice set of stairs on the trail. Cool water worked rock wall.

Amazing colors and John in the narrows.

Nice lines and colors. It is now graffiti to pile up rock cairns, they can fine you for it. They are everywhere now, it is impossible to know where the trails are because people make so many.

Brilliant colors and an arch.

Cobblestones, more cool shapes and colors and a yucca blossom.

This is at the trail head. You can see the picnic tables in the middle left of the photo. Colors, lines and flowers.
Yucca blossom, more rock designs and an uprooted  dried yucca.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 21-23 2017 Valley of Fire, Nevada

Great Basin whiptail lizard posing for me, tiny yellow flowers, curly blue ones on a fiddlehead. John and I in a cave with two openings.

Sunset last night. This morning we went to a ranger program on Atlatls. They are kind of a dart thrower, a precursor to the bow and arrow the native americans used. There is a petroglyph panel in this campground with atlatls on it. The ranger is demonstrating how to use the atlatl. There is a more modern day one shown on the right of this photo.
John and I trying the atlatls. A fly catcher, dune primroses- the blossoms are over 3 inches in diameter, and a cactus flower.

The current masterpiece I am working on. There is a slice of a pine cone in the middle. I am using some stone beads that look like wood grain and I am making a gold and copper colored bead bezel for them.  John made yummy butter nut bisque tonight. I made some home made multigrain bread. Great dinner.

Sunset tonight. This morning we went on a ranger led petroglyph walk. Here is Chris the ranger in front of petroglyphs lecturing.

We were at Atlatl rock. There are three atlatls on the rock. The top part under the sheep is an atlatl with the leather finger holes and below that is a dart that the atlatl throws, the bottom part is another atlatl behind the rock.  Atlatl’s were mostly replaced with bows and arrows about 1500 years ago so these glyphs are over 1500 years old. The petroglyphs to the right are being reclaimed by the desert varnish. Petroglyphs are  carved or pecked  through the black desert varnish to show the red under neath. They theorized that it takes at least 3000 years for the desert varnish to form again over the petroglyphs, so these are over 3000 years old.

These two panels are about 50 feet above the ground. One theory is that the ones so high up deal with spiritual themes.
The basket is coming along. Still has a long ways to go.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20, 2017 Gold Butte National Monument, Nevada

Today we drove to Gold Butte National Monument. The BLM website says ‘ The new Gold Butte National Monument covers nearly 300,000 acres of remote and rugged desert landscape in southeastern Nevada, where dramatically chiseled red sandstone, twisting canyons, and tree-clad mountains punctuate desolate stretches of the Mojave Desert. The brightly hued sandstone provides a stunning canvas.’
Sign for Gold Butte, and an interesting sign about flat tires and hot radiators, we past the turn for Carp, Nevada- Carp??, drove through Lake Mead rec area and back to our camp at Valley of Fire. Gold butte is across the Virgin River from Valley of Fire- a continuation of the same red rocks.

Lots of flowers in Gold butte. Huge  mexican gold poppies—at least 12 inches high, purple flowers and lots of  desert marigolds.

We drove the car into Golden Butte to see if we could get the bus in. There is the campground area we checked out, totally full. But lots of other places around the bus can park in. This wall is part of a storage shed from when the CCC worked here.
Tiny purple flowers, yellow flowering bush, mix of yellows and cholla, and silver cholla flowers. John with Joshua tree.
John on top of a red rock, cholla, yellow flowering bush, butterfly and strawberry hedge hog cactus.

View of Joshua trees, yellow flowering bushes, red rocks and way in the background across the river is Valley of Fire. John on top of a holey rock with flowers in some of the holes.

John on top of the Whitney dam built by Luke Whitney in the 1800’s and restored by the CCC. Carpet of purple flowers.

Desert trumpet, cool hole in the rock, phacelia and white flowering bush. Yellow flowers and cool rock formation.

John found a nice cool spot on the rocks for lunch. Looking up from lunch is this formation.

Bush with curly leaves and buckhorn cactus. Yellow flowering bush and red rocks.