Sunday, March 18, 2018

March 14-18, 2018 Perry, Georgia

We are here for an Family Motor Coach Assoc international rally. There are between 2-3000 RV here for a 4 day rally.

Here is the bus parked in lot J1, 53rd st. We were lucky to get a spot on the edge of the crowd. Welcome to the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter, Striplings General Store, "You never sausage a place", John had one of their sausage sandwiches and wished he hadn't sausaged the place, he threw it away. Georgia Poultry capital of the World, Horses, RV's straight, sheep swine cattle turn right. Guess with the horses is better than with the swine, Welcome FMCA outhouse, Not all Who Wander are Lost. 

Sunset at the Court of Honor. Not sure what they are honoring, but a nice spot at sunset. Sunset over the sea of RV's. 

Another fun day at the RV rally. I saw this sign that said This is the site of the 1996 FMCA winter rally, a record 6,632 coaches registered. This year 2,800 coaches registered, not as many, but a huge amount in one place. I took a class from Jim and Chris, the Geeks On Tour about technology for RV's- internet, phones, GPS's etc. I am taking all of the  classes they are teaching this rally. At my first rally in 2010-first year on the road I learned how to make this blog from them, and am still doing it. A giant TV and fireplace in a rig at the exhibits, a man asleep on a bed at the exhibits, the guy demoing the swiss peeler has a cabbage leaf on his head, a RV with two porches. The exhibits were packed. There were so many they were in two buildings. The outside coach sales area was huge too. 

The insides of a couple new coaches. Too many bells and whistles (who needs a fireplace and dishwasher??) for us. Next to these our coach looks pretty plain Jane, but it is the fanciest place we have ever lived.  Sunset over the outdoor exhibits. 

We missed Thomas Michael Riley's  country music, it was while we were having dinner, but we made it to Big Mike and the Booty Papa's blues, R and B, country and classic rock. People were dancing in the aisles.  There are concerts for each of the next 3 nights too.  This is Friday nights concert. It was a group called the Grapevine. They were supposed to play hits from the 60-80's. They played hits I didn't listen even then. John called it elevated elevator music, we didn't stay long. Out front were a ton of golf carts. People seem to travel in them, scooters and motorized  bikes. The streets are dangerous, because no one watches where they are going. 

Here is an aerial photo of the rally. They took it Weds, before everyone arrived, so imagine all the lots full. 2,800 RV's. We are on the edge by the arrow. I got this book at the book exchange, John has been trying to take it away from me!

I went to a few more classes today. Also the Ladies social. It was fun, the local historical society gave a fashion show of old clothing and gave the history of the people who had worn them. I had to leave early to go to my taking photos with my smartphone and missed the drawing for door prizes. There was rain today and clouds for this nice sunset. 

Looks like the bus is on fire during the sunset. We had rain and lightening after this. The entertainment tonight was the Macon Pops. They were better elevator music than the group last night, but still elevator music, so we  only stayed for a few songs. 

John had the bus washed and waxed today.  Looks great. Also while we were here the tow bar was serviced, and mechanics worked on the door lock.  It is cool that at these rallies you can also have work done, they come to the coach.  I watched a magician show at lunch to day, this afternoon I went to a K-9 demo that was very interesting. This evenings entertainment was a comedian, Joanne Robertson. She was the best of the evenings entertainments. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

March 11-13, 2018 Dead Lakes, Wewahitchka, Florida to Albany, Georgia

Partly cloudy rainy day in the mid 70's.  Good day to relax.

Yellow flower, new spring leaves on a shrub and a field of wild bay lobelia. In the late afternoon we had a heavy under storm. Haven't seen on of them in ages, haven't seen much rain since we came to Florida. John barbecuing dinner in the thunderstorm under a tin roof. 

We are now in Georgia. Here is the bus at Chehaw park in Albany, GA. Chehaw means high ground in the native american Creek language. We drove through mostly rural Georgia to get there. The only town of anysize we passed through was Bainbridge. Here is beautiful historic downtown and their city park with huge oaks with spanish moss and spring flowers.

Welcome to Georgia. This area of Georgia they grow pecans ( pronounced pea-can here) and peanuts.  We passed through Hopeful, GA -a couple signs Hopeful general store- which was closed- Hopeful peanuts and Hopeful Volunteer Fire Dept. I guess you are hopeful they will make it to the fire. We went to Chehaw zoo this afternoon. It is in the same park we are camped in. It is small but nice. Don't feed your fingers to the animals seen in the petting zoo, daffodils are blooming and this red kneed tarantula is in the repile house.

More from the zoo. An alligator under duckweed, azaleas, and flamingos.  Camel, dancing black bear, wisteria and dogwood blooms. 

Waldrapp ibis, black headed ibis, blue winged kookaburra- which is a kind of kingfisher with a larger beak, and meerkats. 

We went to downtown Albany today. There is a bronze statue of  Albany native Ray Charles playing his piano in Ray Charles Plaza. Then we went to the Flint Riverquarium.  that features a 175,000 gallon, blue-hole spring aquarium that is home to more than 120 varieties of aquatic life. two cuttle fish, a bat wing fish, it crawls around on it two fins and some BIG fish in the 'spring'.  

An ornamental bush at the spring with pink tulip looking flowers, close up of the flowers, white azalea and dogwood. I love dogwood because it is an understory bush and looks like a floating cloud under the trees when it blooms. The good news for John is that Albany has a brewery- Pretorius Fields Brewery, the bad news is it  closed early week. The Riverquarium is patterned after Radium spring here in Albany.  It is the largest spring in Georgia. A casino was built by it the 1920's and people came to  take the waters. But there was a fire in 1984 that damaged it, then two different huge floods went though and destroyed it. They had to take it down. So they made what was left of the spring into a garden park. Here it is from above.

The water is a beautiful sky blue. The native indians called it sky water since they thought it came from the sky. Before they discovered the radium in it they called it Blue Hole. A gazebo that has lost it's roof near the spring.

John at the gates at the spring. This lovely sun dappled oak grove with spanish moss is at Chehaw park where we are camped.  

Saturday, March 10, 2018

March 9-10, 2018 Wewahitchka, Florida

High 60's, sunny and no wind.

We paddled on the Dead Lakes again today. We took a side channel and paddled into the thick trees and explored. 

John between trees.

John in the big trees and one of me John took.

Some of these trees have really huge buttresses. John paddling in the main channel. It is called Dead Lakes because they flooded the area and many of the trees died, they took the dam down later and there are all these stumps, but more live trees now.  

Our neighbors Guy and Alice in the campground were also out kayaking. More cool cypress  trees. 

A big spider on one of the trees I passed, cool shaped tree, a tree with a rhino horn on the side. We headed into town- Welcome to Wewahitchka, home of the champions- the Wild Thangs. Sunset tonight on camp. 

Sunset and the footbridge over the lake in camp. Today was 68 and partly cloudy. We boated again on Dead Lakes. John with some of the tree stumps.

These water lines from previous years water levels are cool in this area, they have some moss or lichen on them. The highest ones are at least 5 feet higher than now. Another stump. Some of these are so thin I would not want to be by them in a windstorm.  Violets and bay lobelia growing in the lawn at camp. Another of the water lined stumps.  

When we came back to camp there was this big plume of smoke above it. Someone is burning some fields by the campground. Looks kind of ominous. Sunset tonight from camp. These longleaf pines are really tall, they can reach 150 feet tall. 
The progress on the masterpiece. A little funky looking but coming along.