Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 21-22, 2017 Death Valley, California

After our dune hike we  had an appetizing dinner at the Bistro in Tecopa. Then into Death Valley the  next day. Rock formation on Twenty Mule Team canyon scenic drive.

Angie, Judy D, Jill, John and I  started out with a hike from Zabriskie point to Golden Canyon at around noon. The sign says Extreme Heat Danger, walking after 10 am not recommended. Fortunately it cooled down to the high 80's and  the wind was blowing cooling it off. It is a mostly downhill hike, we had a car at the top and one at the bottom.  

Beautiful colors washed out by the bright sunshine and shapes in a lunar kind of landscape.

Jill, Judy and John hiking along the top of a ridge, and Judy D and Angie traversing across a steep canyon wall.

 And into  Golden Canyon to the car.

When we got to Furnace Creek Inn our room was not ready, so I hung out in the garden and at the pool. It really is an oasis in the desert.

We had pre dinner appetizers on the rooftop deck outside our room with Mac, John, Kent, Judy D, Rod, Judy F and Sue D and dinner in the Inn diningroom with Angie, Jill, Judy P, Laurie and John.

 The next day Bec, Jill, Judy and I walked from the Inn to the Ranch (one mile each way) and back. Relaxed the rest of the day in our rooms, the gardens and pool. Bougainvillea flowers, a desert mushroom, a fossil Jill found and a water lily blooming in the garden at the Inn.

Emmet in his stylishly matching swim gear at the pool . For dinner we had heavy appetizers on our deck.

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20,2017 Ibex Dunes, Death Valley, California

 Judy (my sister) and Laurie arrived on Fri night.  Jill (Judy’s daughter and my niece) and Angie arrived on Sunday. John cooked us a great dinner of red sauce and pasta. Monday we went  to Ibex dunes. It was in the high 90’s and hot. Fortunatly there was a breeze to sort of cool us down. Angie has never been to  Death Valley before so it was a treat for her.  Ibex dunes has the most flowers this spring in Death Valley and is remote enough there are not enough people.  Judy, Jill, Angie, Judy D and Sue D.
Fields of  sand verbena in front of the dunes.

Angie, Jill, Judy, Sue D and Judy D on the dunes. Judy, Angie and Jill with the thumbs up.

 Lines in the dunes. Beetles  on plants, a sand cricket and desert gold and verbena.

 The head gate to an old mine in the dunes and more lines.
Tall clover, red and black beetles mating and eating at the same time, corregated metal and lines in the dunes.  Hiking in the verbena.

Climbing the dunes, desert gold on the aluvial fan.

On the way back we went to China Ranch Date Farm.  The display for the Mojave Mud face mask, with a photo of Jill, Judy and I wearing it. Word has it that it did not start selling well till our photo was posted.

Date palm orchard  and China Ranch. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 15-19, 2017 Shoshone, California

Dinner with John, Judy D and Sue D having dinner on the patio. Sunset during dinner.

Sunset on the  next night. Sunday I went on a hike in Tecopa. Roger, Patrick and John starting into Big Ass  canyon with desert gold in the foreground.
Toni and John dropping into the canyon with yellow brittle bush. Patrick and Roger with a blooming beavertail cactus.
Gravel ghost, brittle bush, yellow flower and mohavea. Patrick, John, Toni, Roger and Mike.  I thought the light on the flowers looked best here.
Roger thought the light was better here. I am in this one. Blooming brittle bush on the canyon wall.
Resting in the shade in Cowboy canyon. Brittle bush on the canyon walls, growing  in the path water drains down. 

Toni heading into the canyon we took back out.  A rest stop on the way out with Toni, Patrick, Roger, John and Mike.

Desert gold was blooming all over. Toni and Roger on the ridge on the way back. 

Salt formed around the rocks in a small seep, beavertail cactus blooms. We hiked from Toni and Roger’s beautiful house that Roger built. I love the wrap around porches. 
When we returned hot and tired they served cold ice tea on the veranda.