Thursday, July 2, 2020

June 28-July 2, 2020 Fort Collins, Colorado

Was supposed to be 96 today, but not sure it made it out of the low 90's. It clouded up, a little but no rain.

Sunset was lovely tonight on my bike ride. 

More lovely sunset. I am working on making a piece of glass of John kayaking in the cypress trees with a cool wake behind him. Here are the trees and wake, before and after firing. The kayaker goes in next and some squiggly painted lines in the wake. Need to liven up the trees a bit. The smaller ones are basket centers. I am still playing with the suns rays coming through the trees in a mist. I like the darker one. 

I stopped by the test gardens at CSU. They are incredible. 

I added the kayaker and slumped it into a bowl mold. It is officially done. John spent the day smoking a brisket and vegetables.  

We had John and Mandy over for dinner. They brought wine and scalloped potatoes. Dinner was yummy and it was good to see them. The next day I went to Denver to drop off art for the glass show at 40 W gallery, get my eyes examined (I have cataracts) and spent the night to go rafting the next day. Really bad photos of downtown Denver. I took them through the car windows . The skyline, boarded up windows from the riots, a cyclone fence around Civic Center park, and a homeless encampment across the street from the park.  

I stayed with my friend Katy. We had vegetables from her garden for dinner. Her garden is wonderful, Mine is so puny so far. Katy is a bee keeper and after dinner I went with her on a swarm call. The bee club she is a member of collects unwanted bee swarms from peoples yard. This was a bumble bee next. They are trying to renovate their pond and the bumble bees moved into some grass right next to it. Katy in her bee suit with Mark one of the yard owners digging into the hive. The bees went into the white box which has the scent of a queen bee in it.  

The next day Katie, Katy and I went to Canon City for our annual river trip with our friend Dennis who owns Raftmasters.  We had a picnic lunch at the beautiful Abby. The Arkansas river from the raft. 

It was a beautiful day on the Arkansas river. Us going through  Spike Buck rapid. We put on our masks when we went past the photographer. Mainly so we could tell this years photos from all the previous years photos. Plus they looked hilarious in the photos. We had to wear them in the office and the bus on the way to the river, but on the river they were not required. We can tell you that trying to breath through a wet mask is pretty hard. 

Another shot of us in the rapid. Katy and I in the rapid with our masks.  

Dennis, Katie and I. At the end Dennis took his mask off so we could see his smiling face. Katie, me, Dennis and Katy at the end of the trip. We had a blast.  

Katie took us all out to dinner afterwards at Nirvana Indian restaurant. It has wonderful food. It is always good to see Dennis and the Katie/y's. Beautiful historic downtown Canon City, Colorado 
Sunset on the way home.

Friday, June 26, 2020

June 25-26 2020 Fort Collins, Colorado

From my bike ride this evening. The trees along the river and McMurry pond. 

Cool cloud reflections. On the sign at the water park. 

Sunset tonight.

I got my flat lap up and running and made this faceted/polished piece. I was sweeping up the garage and the dust in this sunbeam is interesting. I am easily amused!

I made this one today. Interesting shot of the sun I took on my bike ride tonight. Looks like the stop light is the sun. 

Most of the clouds went away for actual sunset. But not bad as a backdrop for dinner. Rainy day. Some of the lilies in the yard. 

I went to the Mask exhibit at the Fort Collins Museum of art.  It was very interesting. My favorite was Thor Rockmoninoff made with rocks. The artist is a rock balance artist.  And I am always drawn to the glass ones. The last ones are high school students entries. These really cool clouds were part of a big storm that we only got the very edge of. 

Most of this storm passed north east of us. Good thing, it was huge with lots of lightening. Sunset was lovely over Riverside street. 

For years I have been trying to make a glass piece of this photo I took of John in this lake in the cypress trees in Florida. Finally just dove in, it is not the same, can't cut all those squiggly lines, but it is coming out cool. I have been working on making more faceted, polished jewels. I am getting better and faster at it. The square shape is pretty boring. Last night I made the triangle and decided I like the organic shapes better, more fun. One of the squares fell off the deck onto the concrete below, I think they jewels would rather be organic. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

June 14-21 2020 Fort Collins, Colorado

In the 90's still. Been going for bike rides right at twilight because it is cooler and the colors are nice. Other than that working on glass.

Sunset at McMurray pond the other night. I have been working on making some glass basket centers. I have these precut cats in my studio so I am turning some of them into basket centers. I am also making some centers for Christmas ornaments for later in the year. These are before firing. I added more to the cats too before I fired.

My brother Jerry and his high school friend Cecil came over for dinner tonight. It was good to see them. John cooked a scrumptious dinner of red sauce, meat balls and linguine.  We ate outside for social distancing.  

Sunset from dinner tonight. We had a lovely dinner tonight with John and Mandy. John smoked ribs and John M made potato salad and brought the left overs from last nights dessert. Was great to see them. It was raining so there was a tarp up to the left. 

After the rain there was this beautiful double rainbow. I had a private appointment and D and L art glass warehouse today. They are not opened up yet. You can order glass and supplies online and pick them up or have them shipped. I wanted to buy dichroic glass and I like to look at it. So I made an appointment. Only one person at a time. I was all alone with all of this wonderful glass(with staff) it felt so special. I bought too much. . . 

On the way home was a huge thunderstorm, I missed most of it by taking the slow scenic route home,  but there was a lot of rain. Some of my dichroic glass that I purchased. I am so excited to start working with it. Dichroic glass is a solution of metallic ions sprayed on the glass at a high temperature, so the sheets are round because the sprayer is round. I wish the photo would show how shiny this glass is in the sun. 

More of the dichroic glass I bought today. Some of the quarter sheets and the 4 inch squares are on sale. I got such a deal.  Cool cloud last night. 

Sunset clouds. The bottom one looks like a thought or speech bubble from the comics.  

Some alley art on the utility boxes. It is so cool. Decorative doorway and part of a mural. 

Sunset in one of the alley's. I finished my cat basket centers. I fused the glass and then set them in resin so I could drill holes around them to stitch the pine needles to. The glass is about 5 inches in diameter. These will be fun baskets. 

I got an early start on  Christmas. I made glass centers for Christmas ornaments. I fused the glass and then set them in resin so I could drill holes around them to stitch the pine needles to. These are basket centers I made out of old glass jewelry I made.  I set the glass in resin and drilled holes to stitch to for the baskets.