Monday, September 16, 2019

September 15-16, 2019 Great Basin National Park to Bartine Hot Spring, Nevada

Another warm sunny day. We hiked the Alpine Lake loop today.

Stella Lake. This is the lake we hiked to for the full moon hike. Looks different with light. Just as lovely. John walking by contorted aspen trees. 

A creek lined with Parry's Primrose. On of my favorite flowers, wish I  could have seen all these in bloom. John at Teresa Lake.  We had a leisurely lunch here.

A twisted aspen trunk, a rock embedded in a tree, killed part of it, but the other side was still growing, senico, aster, saxifrage, sunflower, blue flowers, shooting stars, a few parry's primroses and yarrow. There were a few of these parry's primrose in the last stages of blooming. In full prime they are tall stalks of pink flowers. 

Lake Teresa from the otherside with Mt Wheeler and Jeff Davis in the background. Today we drove part way across Nevada on Hwy 50-the loneliest highway in America. Beautiful historic downtown Ely, last time though we had dinner at the Jailhouse in a jail cell and a mural downtown of the pony express, they used to ride through here.

Most of the drive was pretty lonely. Basin and Range, we go through a valley, then over mountains and repeat, repeat, repeat. Nevada is the most mountainous state in the US. We went through Eureka, the friendliest town on the loneliest highway in America. A photo of beautiful, historic downtown Eureka.

We are camped by Bartine Hot Spring in the middle of nowhere in the desert. It has two pools. Here we are in heart shaped one.  

It was a delightful soak. I finished this basket on the way here.  

Here is the bus camped in the middle of nowhere in the desert in Nevada. 

These yellow bushes are very sweet smelling. A big beetle, and some thorny flowers. Pancake Summit -aren't pancakes flat? And advice from downtown Ely. 
Some similar flowers, but these ones are kind of fuzzy, a gum weed flower and the yellow bushes flowers. 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

September 14, 2019 Baker, Nevada

In the 90's and sunny where we are camped in Baker, Nv, just 5 miles from Great Basin National Park. We drove up 17 miles and 5,000 feet and it was in the 70's and very pleasant.

Aspen trees near the trailhead. We hiked to the ancient bristlecone grove. These trees live up to an average of 5,000 years and  are some of the oldest trees in the world.The dead ones do not decompose, they weather like rocks. Some of the dead ones are 10,000 years old. Here are a couple. 

Gnarled tree, that is still alive, it has one branch of needles. Weathered branch, pentestamens and asters. After the  bristlecones we hiked up to the glacier in the cirque below Wheeler peak, which is 13,000 feet. John is a dot in the middle of this photo. 

The glacier. Some of the alpine wildflowers still blooming and bristle cone cones. They are shiney with sap. 

The ancient bristlecone trees on the ridge, 5,000 feet below is the desert floor. Great Basin is a tree island far above the desert.  Some of the aspens are starting to turn yellow for fall, a bicycle sculpture in Baker, a sign in Baker saying  Remember Owens valley, fight the Las Vegas Water grab. LA secretly  bought up all the water rights in the Owens Valley on the eastern Sierras. It was a valley full of orchards and very lush, but LA drained all the water in the valley in a canal to LA and it is now an arid valley and the lake is mostly just a salt pan. A hoodoo on the ridge above the glacier. 

Ancient bristlecones.  

John and I in front of an ancient bristlecone tree.  

Art made from kitchen utensils in downtown Baker. Beautiful historic downtown Baker, Nevada. Population 400. 

We stopped at Kerouac's restaurant for a drink and nectarine wrapped in prosciutto appetizer after  hiking all day. Sunset from camp tonight.

Friday, September 13, 2019

September 12-13, 2019 Delta, Utah to Great Basin National Park, Nevada

We are going a lot farther than we normally do since we are on our way to my brother-in-law's memorial service Sept 22. It has cool off into the low 80's high 70's.

We drove from Green River, Ut to Delta Utah today. 178 miles, 4 hours. Long day. We went through the San Rafael Swell, through lots of beautiful Red Rock country, over mountain ranges , back into basins. Not many towns, lots of wide open space. Here around Delta are vast fields of deep golden grasses. A canyon wall going through the San Rafael Swell.  The swell is a huge uplift of red rocks with lots of cool rock formations and slot canyons. We have stayed and explored in the swell a couple times before. 

The view out over Eagle Canyon. It was named that because it is so deep they say eagles can't fly out. It is 300 feet deep.  Beautiful historic downtown Salina, Utah. we stayed here on another trip. We bypassed it today.

A cool looking historic house in Scipio, Ut. We are camped at the Antelope Valley RV park. Nice little park, trees and grass between hay fields and the highway.  Delta has 3, 436 people. It is a small town, but seems to be the main commercial town in the area. It has a car dealer ship, grocery store and many more stores a town this size wouldn't have. It also has the only rv park in the area. 

John viewing sunset from the hay field. The almost full moon rising the other direction.

I finished this basket  on the way to Green River. It has a center of blue magnetite with red coral, and red, white, blue and silver seed beads. It is stitched with purple, blue and red flat polyester cord. It is 7 x 7 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. I started this new one today. The center is a piece of blue dichroic glass my friend Laurie fused. I used needles that I dyed kelly green and royal blue. In the middle are some natural needles. It is stitched with light green, light blue and sea green polyester cord. It is close to being done. So far it is 7 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches. I get  a lot done on the baskets when we are doing long drives.
A katydid sunning by the coach wheel, purple flower, and climbing lanes- we think the slowest right lane. We took a walk through Delta after dinner tonight. Topaz was a Japanese internment camp right outside Delta. The sign does not mince words, tells how horrible it was. There is a museum in Delta about it. Welcome to Delta in the city park. Right below that is a sign for the Cosmic Ray Center. There is a 1/4 mile square of sensors in the Black Rock Desert outside town. Not the same Black rock desert that has Burning Man in Nevada. And three telescopes. They are studying invisible ultra violet rays that come from space and land on earth.

Approaching Great Basin National Park. It starts in the desert at around  5,000 feet and goes to the top of Mt Wheeler at 13,006 feet. 

We are camped at Shady Elms Bar, Motel and Campground in Baker, Nevada. We have a corner spot next to a vintage Winnebago 5th wheel which is in storage, so no neighbors so far. This is seated next to the road on the way up Great Basin National Park. 

Sunset tonight from our drive up to the mountain for an evening hike. 

A real blurry photo of the full moon over Lake Stella on our ranger led full moon hike tonight. Full harvest moon on Friday the 13th. Beautiful hike. Welcome to Nevada and Nevada Highway 50- America's Loneliest road. It must get hot here, these are charts to tell when you  have heat exhaustion or stroke and how to tell if your dog is overheated.