Thursday, August 11, 2022

August 5-11, 2022 Fort Collins, Colorado

 101 degrees and sunny.

Free music in Old Town Square Thursday night. Friday night was first Friday so we toured the few galleries left, many of them have closed. One exhibit was in dark with this tesla coil art. It was cool, It does not show up will in photos. And there were mimes in the square. 

Bob  of Bob Younger Images had his photo studio open and was taking complimentary photos for first Friday. He does excellent work. We got the Subaru back from the shop. In November a huge 4 point buck ran out of the trees in Bears Ears national monument into the side of the car. The hood, both doors and fenders and a bit of the roof were damaged, and the rear view mirror was torn off. We waited until we got back to Fort Collins to get it fixed, Insurance paid for the whole thing. It looks new. 

Our friends Jim and Wes stopped by this evening to purchase my River glass piece. It was good to see them. Here they are with the glass. Sunset was lovely tonight. 

This is what is in my kiln now, It fired last night and I am waiting for it to cool off so I can see how they came out. Waxing gibbous moon in sunset.

These huge storm clouds must be the severe weather that there was a warning about tonight. This is what I am working on now. 

The first firing is done on these. There are some holes in them. The pattern bars did not spread as much as I thought they would. Will need another couple firings. Still putting this one together, deciding what colors to use. 

The waxing gibbous moon with cool clouds last night. My sister Judy is visiting. Judy and my brother Jerry at dinner. Great to see them. 

Judy, Sue and Jerry Palmer. Sunset. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

July, 29- August 1-4, 2022 Fort Collins, Colorado

 High of 74 and cloudy.

Sunset last night. There was a severe storm warning going on at sunset, heavy rain, thunderstorms, large hail etc. I was running around covering my tomatoes' and basil. We had a huge storm, but fortunately all we got was 2 inches of rain, and lots of lightening to watch to the east. There was 3 inch hall to the east and drifts of hail in  Estes park. Tonight John made smoked pork tamales with home made pico de gallo and I made the kale  basil quinoa salad last night. Really good dinner. 

I am going nuts in my studio. I have glass on all flat surfaces. I am playing with the jaws technique that I make the river pieces with. These are some variations I am working on. Takes forever. You place a piece, glue it down, wait for it to dry, then place the next piece. This one has taken me 3 days so far. 

Another new piece I am working on, same technique. It will be filled in around the center piece of dichro. Same as the other piece. Place a piece, glue it down, wait for it to dry, then add the next. Finally after 3 days I got all these put together. They are firing in the kiln right now. Not sure I will make many more of these, they are really time consuming and tedious. But they look cool. 

John cooking me birthday dinner. We had smoked pork tamales with three home made sauces and green beans. Delicious. Sunset tonight from my bike ride. I have not ridden my bike since I injured my back in June. Was fun to be out. 

Look Ma, no lens! I am getting cataract surgery done on my left eye on Wednesday. With luck, after that I won't need glasses. Fresh out of the kiln. These came out very nice. Going to smooth and polish he edges and slump some of them. 

I have these 6 pieces to smooth and polish the edges. Some will be slumped too. I am loving being in my studio. Sun on the bike path from my bike ride.

Sunset. I cut up this pattern bar piece on my wet diamond ring saw and am going to use it in another piece, not sure what yet. 

ARRRRGGGG! This broke in the kiln when I was slumping it. I suspect it had some water in one of the nooks and crevices from when I was washing it. The water probably expanded in the kiln. I had hoped I dried it enough, but I guess not. Sunset Monday night. Looks like we have a bit of smoke from the fires west of us. The sunset is a bit orange.

Our hotel room at Court Yard at Marriot. We are in town for my second cataract surgery. We had dinner in a Thai restaurant, this was in the case by our table. Did not know there were Thai mermaids. Dinner was very good. 

I had my second cataract surgery on my left eye. My right eye went from 20/400 before surgery to 20/40 and my left eye from 20/200 before surgery to 20/60 just the next day.. Both eyes are expected to continue to improve as they heal. I don't need to wear glasses anymore!! Sunset in Denver Weds night. 

Back in the 80's I used to go to the Riviera in Glendale. We saw the sign and checked it out.  It is now named Las Delicias and is remodeled. Back in the day there were piranhas in the fish tank. Looks like now they just have tropical fish. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

July 20-27, 2022 Denver to Fort Collins, Colorado

 100 degrees again today. I am recovering from the cataract surgery. My eyelid is twitching, a strained muscle they say and it will go away. But in the meantime it is kind of like a strobe light effect. My brain has not wrapped itself around the changes in my eye, so I am kind of dizzy and nauseous. But I am told it will all resolve.  My eye was 20/400 before surgery and is now 20/60 and will get better. 

Sunset over the La Quinta we stayed in Weds night. Driving through downtown Denver the next day on the way home. 

The three bears still need some more work, then they will be slumped into the bear bowl mold. Home made tamales I made for dinner tonight. Really good. 

I shaped and polished the edges of the two bears today on my flat lap. Did most of it with the 12 inch flat discs   I have  magnetic discs from 100 grit diamond down to the felt you see here for the final polish. It is water fed from the center. I finished the inside curved part of the neck with my new cone set. It is also water fed and I have 5 different grits. I got a cone and dome set at the glass expo this spring. First time I have used them. I love all my fun equipment in my glass studio. I only get to visit with it a couple month out of the year. 

Sunset the last two nights. 

A closer up of last nights. I cut up a piece I made at the expo and made these pendants.

My garden is amazing. I planted it the end of June and it has about tripled in height and both tomatoes have blooms and the cherry on the right has lots of green tomatoes and one red one. The cherry was big when I bought it. Two of the basils we were growing in pots on the bus. They were in pretty sad shape when I planted them outside, but they have recovered. The scrawny marigold is the only thing not doing that well. Sunset night dancing across the sky. 

My cones and domes grinding heads for my flat lap grinder. They are water fed in the center. I took these photos to send to the company and ask which one has the coarsest grit. It is easier to tell in these photos, but still sending it. They didn't label them. The diamonds are really sparkly in the sunlight.  This tiny bunny hopped out of my tomatoes and basil. 

John had his last medical procedure for this trip, a coloscopy. Her he is in recovery at Rock Creek Medical Center in Lafayette. Lilies I planted years ago are blooming. 

Sunset last night. The bears are finally done. They are 9 x 7 x 1 3/8 inches. These are pictured in the sun.

These guys are pictured in the shade. I am starting another river piece.