Wednesday, February 12, 2020

February 10-12, 2020 Beatty, Nevada To China Ranch, Tecopa, California

 Judy D and Judy P left on their 170 mile, 2 week backpack from Beatty this am. The B2B- Beatty to Badwater hike. They will hike from Beatty Nevada to Badwater, Death Valley following the course of the Amargosa river. They started this 10 years ago as a fund raiser for the Amargosa Conservancy, but now just do it every year because they like it. My sister does it every year and many other people have part or all of it with her over the years. John has gone on much of it. I just do support, drive them places, bring food, stay in hotels and go out to eat with them when they stay there. Lots of fun, but I don't carry a pack that far anymore. 

On our way up to Beatty we were stopped behind an accident. The patient left in this medical helicopter, then we continued to Beatty. Today we came back through Pahrump. John had a crown come off one of his teeth so we stopped at a dentist in Pahrump to get it cemented back on. There are wild horses and burros along the roads in the area, these cute signs remind you to watch out for them. Back in Shoshone it was 68 degrees and sunny. Big winds, but I set the lawn chair up in the lee of the bus and worked on my masterpiece. Here it is so far. The center is a piece of glass I fused, beveled and polished. 

John and I hiked the white trail this afternoon. Beautiful warm , sunny, and  big wind. I love the shadows on this mountain. John ahead of me on the trail.  

Sunset tonight near Tecopa. 

Sunset tonight near Tecopa. Acme Siding in Amargosa Canyon just west of China Ranch. The railroad stopped here and loaded up borax from the mines. the railroad is long gone and much of the railroad bed is eroded here.

I took John to the Mudthedral. It is a series of arches and tunnels through what looks like dried mud.  A tunnel leads to the arched open chamber in the middle of the mudthedral and a tunnel on the other side. You can look up and see the mesquite trees above.

The end of the Mudthedral. John crossing the Amargosa River to the Slot Canyon that you can see the mouth of it under the sunburst. 

Hoo Doo outside of the Slot Canyon. John in the mouth of the Slot Canyon.  

It is almost spooky with all the little caves and fang looking rocks. John in the Slot Canyon. 

 Back on the other side of the  the Amargosa River. A cool looking rock valentine.  

John heading back toward China Ranch in Amargosa Canyon right below Acme siding. The old Assay building just west of China Ranch. 

I took this photo of the door through a door at the Assay building on the way out.  
Evening light on the badlands behind the date orchards at China Ranch Date Farm.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

February 6-9, 2020. Shoshone, California

Sunset tonight. Judy attempting to chop up the dead mesquite tree that was moved over from the neighbors. She will make art with it. 

Susan had us to dinner at the Crow Bar tonight. Good food and fun to see Susan.  Judy D, Judy P, Susan and John

John cooked us a wonderful dinner. We ate early enough to eat out side and watch the moon rise. My homemade bread right before going into the oven. John's pork roast with his homemade rub on it on it's way to the BBQ. Full snow moon rising in the sunset.  

Sunset looking west. A tear drop trailer that is the Vistabule.  

We went to the Amargosa opera house to see La Boheme. The inside of the Amargosa opera house. 52 years ago Marta Beckett a famous ballerina from New York opened here for her show. She performed every night whether there was anyone there or not. She painted an audience on the walls. She passed away a few years ago and the seat in front with the flowers is saved for her spirit now.My sister is on the right behind Marta and Judy D is next to her. John is at the end of the row. 

La Boheme performed at the Amargosa opera house by the Las Vegas City Opera. They shortened it to 4 short acts. Marcello, Rudolfo, Schaunart and Alcindoro in the first act.  Mimi and Rudolfo proclaiming their love for each other.  Excellent performance. 

Today we drove to Beatty, Nevada to drop  my sister Judy and Judy D off to start their B2B  hike. They will hike 170 miles from  Beatty to Badwater following the course of the Amargosa river. It will take them 2 weeks. This is Judy's car with her B2B hike licence plate. This is the 10th year they have hike this hike. John  has hiked a good portion of it with them in the past. I usually run support. I stay in the hotels with them the 4 nights that they do that and I bring food and take home extra stuff.  We stopped in three spots and buried food and water on the way up so they don't  have to carry it all. In the desert they say to take one gallon of water a day per person. Judy D, John and Judy P burying the caches. 

It is cold, cloudy and windy today. Clouds and maybe rain on the near by peaks. A bit of sunshine shining on peaks by the highway. 

We are spending the night at the the Death Valley Inn in Beatty.  Palm trees at the Inn.  

Good, Better, Beatty-The gateway to Death Valley. This church started out in Rhyolite a nearby town that is now a ghost town. It is now part of the VFW. We had dinner at the VFW tonight. It is the best food in town. Judy, Judy and John on the right ordering dinner. Judy is wearing her camo hat, hoping to fit in. 
Dinner at the VFW in Beatty, Nv was fun. Great food and the people were very nice. Suep, Judy P (in her camo hat), John and Judy D at the VFW. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February 1-5, 2020 Shoshone, California

Another beautiful low 70's and sunny day.

We went to the artist reception for James Gilliam at the Tecopa gallery this afternoon. John, Amy, James, Mary and Ethel. These photos of his work are from the promotional postcard, but these pieces were there. Many of his works are of local spots, like the Tecopa hot springs (top) and a storage shed is Shoshone (bottom right). Beautiful work, I just love the colors. 

I cooked dinner tonight for Judy, John and Judy D. Judy P had just driven back here from the coast. John and Judy went on a rigorous 13.8 mile hike. I got a lovely massage and cooked dinner. Fun to see all. Shooting into the sun to show the dust the high wind today kicked up today. You could only see it at a distance, up close the air looked ok. 

This is a shot of the 'hills' I have been hiking over and back around. Look more like mountains to me. A bird shaped cloud. 

Dust blowing over toward Tecopa. The high wind clouds made for a nice sunset.  

Close up of a couple cool clouds. 

The sunset reflecting in some run off from the spring. The contrast was so much in this photo I merged one of the sky with one of the ground. The sky had been washed out in the one of the ground, or the ground was too dark of the one with the clouds. Another day of high wind, gust to 50 mph and only in the high 40's (30's with the windchill) But it was sunny. The bus was toasty warm with the sun shining in. Nice day to nap, read and relax. 

 I worked a bit on the masterpiece. I am liking it so far. Sunset near Tecopa tonight.

Sunset near Tecopa tonight. I made this glass fish wind chime for my sister probably in 2006. It never did hang right. This year all the fishing line that held it up broke. So I restrung it today. Took forever and I still could not get it to line up right. Oh well at least it is fish shaped. 

Sunset tonight to the west. A bright pink jet trail over a palm tree. 
Venus was in the jet trail over the palm tree at sunset.